Like Pokemon Reborn, Pokemon Rejuvenation has Event Pokemon. These Pokemon usually aren't found in the wild. There are multiple ways on how you may get these Pokemon.

Gourmet Treats Edit

Gourmet Treats are new Items purchasable from Pokemarts. All you have to do is interact with a Pokemon, and if the text asks if you'd like to give the Pokemon a Gourmet Treat, say yes. The Treat shall be eaten or destroyed, and the Pokemon will join you or battle you.

Pokemon Available Location Other Factors Join/Battle
Buizel Oceana Pier Raining Join
Whismur Goldenwood Forest Battle
Torkoal Carotos Mountain Shadow Torkoal Battle
Lombre Wispy Path
Phantump Wispy Ruins (behind the waterfall) Night Battle
Corsola Akuwa Town beach Join
Lunatone Amethyst Cave Battle

Hide-And-Seek Edit

Hide-And-Seek is just finding a Pokemon in different locations until it finally joins/battles you.

Pokemon Available Locations Join/Battle
Ditto 1. Sheridan Village. After saving the boyfriend and talk to him

2. Route 3. Between the two caves.

3. Corta Forest. Small path next to the houses past the Kingdra bridge. Need Ancient Wing

4. Route 2. East of the northern mini-lake

5. Goldenleaf Town. On top of the Giratina statue

6. Route 4. East of the fountain

7. Akuwa City's beach. Next to the Akuwa Cave Drill Management Center

8. Terajuma Shore

Gothita Different areas of Marianette's Mansion Join
Mudkip Sheridan Wetlands, Rock climb and Cut required, spread out in different locations Battle

Help Center Quests Edit

These Pokemon are (only) available by doing Help Center Quests.

Pokemon Available Help Center Quest Location or Gift
Growlithe Gearen: Dangerous Pokemon! Oceana Pier Battle
Litleo Gearen: All Quests Gift
Pichu Sheridan: Battle Me Again Gift
Tropius Kakori: Tropius... Deep Terajuma, and a battle against a Team Xen member in a house (after a hide and seek game with him) for a Tropius egg
Magnemite Kakori: All Quests Gift
Inkay Kristilline: ??? Gift

Other Gifts Edit

These Pokemon are available as a Gift for doing something or are simply required.

Pokemon Available Location
Starter Pokemon (one of the Gen 1 to 7 starters) Gearen Laboratory, Given by Dr. Jenner, Required
Houndour Korrina's Hideout (Gearen City), Given by Korrina, Finish Gang Sidequest
Mawile Ship, Given by Augustus, Required
Skitty Sheridan Village Pokecenter, talk to the skitty

Trades Edit

These Pokemon are available from Trades.

Pokemon Availble Location For What?
Buneary Gearen City Male Cherubi
Pancham Sheridan Village (Help Center Quest) Aipom
Mystery Egg (random for each save file, can't soft-reset the egg for a different pokemon) Route 3 Phantump egg
Yanma Kakori Village Roselia

Others Events Edit

There are a few other Pokemon available as Pokemon that are interacted with to battle/have join.

Pokemon Availble Location Other Factors
Rowlet Mossy grove , deep Terajuma Jungle Finish Help center: Building Bridges
Hoppip Jirukala Stage, Flying in air Morning
Spoink Reina's Room
Pichu Goldenleaf House Beat Narcissa
Lillipup Gearen City Apartment Beat Venam
Mime Jr. Wispy Ruins on some days, Xen Lab in Carotos Mountain
Litwick Amethyst Cave (Beat Chandelure) Have Surf
Mareep Scratching noise secret room Cut
Nuzleaf Sheridan Village (first house on the left side)
Oshawott Surf From Akuwa City Akora Forest Have Surf, Have Cut
Voltorb Gearen City Market (from the guy who sells Pokeballs) Buy as many Pokéballs from him as you can (usually 4 or 5)
Shuppet Gearen City Emerald Apartment top floor(talk to the lady at the ground floor in the lower left corner, then go to the third floor) Night